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“Aspergers, assemble!!” – The Autistic Army (who don’t face front)

I just thought of something.

Imagine “Asperger” to be an actual verb… here are some ‘fun’ definitions (can you think of any??)


To asperge:

  • To misinterpret/misunderstand the world and one’s function within it
  • To be able to absorb oneself so thoroughly in a task so as to forget about other humans/functions (like eating)
  • To have motor-coordination problems/dyslexia/dyspraxia/prosopagnosia as companions throughout life
  • To be landed in a place so alien so as to question the validity of one’s existence and role; you are expecting a social protocol manual to be delivered imminently, although when that delivery may occur is unknown
  • To be unable to ask the right questions, and give the right answers
  • To feel lost and alone, whilst still knowing geographically where one is, surrounded by people supposedly of the same species

asperger (aspergor?):

  • An individual who can’t act the way everyone wants them to to ‘fit in’
  • An individual who insists on being ‘awkward’ (i.e. because they’re suffering from sensory overload, or hitting a meltdown)

well ok.. it’s a work in progress!! Put some (respectful) suggestions in the comments if you have any 😉